If you’ve been in an accident you may have stacks of bills, voicemails from insurance agents, injuries and emotional exhaustion. Managing the aftermath of an accident can quickly become overwhelming to handle on your own.

But at what point do you need a lawyer?

Here are some things to consider when deciding if you need a lawyer for your personal injury case.

Insurance agents are contacting you

After an accident, insurance companies will contact you to gather more information. The claim representative’s primary duty is to minimize the company’s losses on your claim and any payments that will be issued.

The agents may request access to your medical records or a recorded statement. They might also ask that you sign a release. But exercise caution. The insurance company could use your previous medical records to blame any injuries that you sustained on a pre-existing condition. If you aren’t careful, you could give them access to sensitive information that may hurt your claim.

A well-versed lawyer may be able to help you stay out of the insurance company’s tricks by communicating with them on your behalf.

The insurance company is refusing to pay

After gathering information, the insurance company will accept or deny your claim. But what if they offer an unreasonable amount for the extent of injuries that you sustained? What happens if they deny your claim? An attorney could help you negotiate claims with the insurance companies and get a fair settlement amount.

You aren’t well versed in the law

There are more complex personal injury cases than others and the laws can be difficult to understand as a whole. You may not be familiar with evidence collection such as obtaining witness interviews, accident reconstructions or expert testimony. If you aren’t comfortable with personal injury law, an attorney may be right for you.


The claims process can be difficult to navigate and some insurance agents may not be looking out for your best interest. You don’t have to go through the claims process alone. If you decide that you need a lawyer, selecting an experienced attorney may be able to help you be successful in your claim.