Distracted drivers are a serious concern for drivers in Wyoming and states across the country. New data collected suggests that the problem is more pervasive in some states than others.

The data, collected by the mobile app company Everdrive, studied data from app users in all 50 states. The app is designed to track driver habits with the goal of increasing driver safety. The data collected by Everdrive shows that out of all the states, Mississippi drivers were the most likely to be distracted by their phones while driving. Following closely behind were Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. Drivers in all four states had drivers distracted by electronic devices in more than 40 percent of all trips during 2017.

While all of these states are in the southeastern part of the United States, Everdrive’s data shows the northeast was the least safe overall. Everdrive reached this conclusion by reviewing the distracted driver data as well as data not related to technology, including aggressive driving and speeding. The safest states to drive in happen to be the states that ban phone use behind the wheel. The states with the fewest distracted drivers include Vermont, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington. All four of these states have outlawed any use of electronic devices while driving.

The high level of distracted driving in these states is very concerning given the increased risk of accidents. Anyone injured by a distracted driver may have a claim for damages including medical bills, auto repair bills and lost wages. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may help an individual by counseling them on the stages of a personal injury lawsuit. This includes filing the suit, sending out discovery requests, negotiating a potential settlement and possibly preparing for a jury trial.