Residents in Afton, Wyoming are usually sentenced to about a year in jail if they are found to be in possession of marijuana. For each additional charge in the future, the length of time in jail increases as well as the fines that the person has to pay. Aside from a few states where selling and using marijuana is legal, it’s still a crime in Wyoming. Jim Byrd is a sponsor and also a member of the democratic party who wants to see some of the marijuana laws in the state changed.

One of the things that Jim Byrd hopes to accomplish is ensuring that marijuana cases are tried in civil court instead of criminal court. The fines would also be lowered. Someone who has up to half an ounce of marijuana would only have a penalty of $50 while someone with an ounce would pay a fine of $100.

After presenting the information and suggestions to the Senate, lawmakers voted and decided not to approve the bill in a 38-22 vote. However, the vote shows that there is support for some of the recommendations that Jim Byrd offered. A bill allowing people who are in pain and suffering from various medical conditions to use marijuana was also voted against that same day. House Bill 187 is now on the table, which will prohibit any new legislation about marijuana to be introduced to any lawmaking session.

When someone is arrested for marijuana possession or similar drug crimes in Wyoming, a criminal defense attorney might examine the evidence presented about the amount of the drug and the criminal history of the defendant. An experienced attorney may be able to work with the prosecution to get the charges dismissed or to negotiate a more lenient sentence.