Distracted driving accidents are some of the most severe in terms of injuries to passengers and damage to vehicles. Furthermore, distracted driving burdens trucking companies and other fleets with the delays that arise when employees are pulled over or undergo roadside inspections. That’s why various companies have developed new tech that can help detect when drivers are distracted.

Data analytics is one way that businesses like Omnitracs, a fleet management systems company, can identify adverse events and identify when drivers are at risk for an accident. In 2016, Omnitracs created a web-based Driving Center tool that can detect things like fatigue and distraction before making its predictions. Other tech companies like Zendrive use information from smartphones for similar purposes.

In addition, some companies have released systems that help prevent distracted driving. PeopleNet and SmartDrive are just two that implement driver-coaching tools in its fleet management systems. These also include in-cab video-monitoring systems. Other monitoring systems give audible warnings to drivers when a risky situation arises.

However, distracted driving continues to be prevalent. In its Safe Driving Report for 2018, the online services comparison company Finder shared the results of a survey it took with 2,000 American adults; nearly 45 percent admitted to talking on their phones while driving in the previous year. Zendrive estimates that 69 million drivers use their phones behind the wheel every day.

When a trucking accident is caused by distracted or drowsy driving, a victim can consider filing a claim against the trucking company. To be successful, however, one may require solid proof against the trucker. This is where a personal injury lawyer can come in.