The aftermath of a car accident is complex, confusing and overwhelming. In the midst of this difficult time, you may have to make the decision about moving forward with a civil claim or accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company. It is in your interests to know what you have a right to claim and how much your case is worth.

The value of your case and the types of damages you should seek depend largely upon the individual circumstances of your accident. The types of injuries you experienced and the amount of damage to your personal property can play a role as well. As you consider your post-accident options, it is beneficial to also consider how the accident could affect your future needs.

What losses did you experience?

It is often difficult to know exactly how an accident will impact your life until months or years later. You may not be able to wait that long to recover your losses, however, which is why it is critical to carefully examine your situation and potential ongoing needs before you accept a settlement. Some of the potential damages you may be able to claim through a personal injury claim include the following:

  • All of your medical expenses – This includes things such as the cost of riding in the ambulance, bills from the hospital stay, surgery costs and more. This also includes future needs, such as therapy, rehabilitation and additional surgeries in the future.
  • Your pain and suffering – This is recompense for your physical pain, but you can also seek damages for the mental and emotional trauma you experienced from your accident.
  • Other losses you experienced – You may be able to seek damages for non-economic losses, such as loss of companionship, but also for other costs like lost wages and getting your vehicle fixed.

Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. It is often prudent to know what your case is worth and what you should seek in order to fully protect your current and future interests. 

The right help for the right outcome

Navigating the personal injury claims process can be complex and confusing. If you would like to learn more about what your case may be worth or whether or not you should consider a settlement offer, it may be helpful to speak with an experienced Wyoming personal injury attorney about your concerns.