Drivers in Wyoming will want to know about a chain-reaction accident that occurred in Florida because it shows how dangerous semi-trucks can be. While Florida Highway Patrol has only produced a preliminary accident report, they believe that the cause of the accident lies with the 59-year-old driver of a semi-truck. Apparently, the truck, as it was going north on I-75 near Gainesville, moved left from the right lane and collided with a 2007 Honda sedan.

The two vehicles then moved through the median guardrail, causing collisions on both the north and southbound lanes. The truck hit a 2006 Chevrolet passenger van whose 12 occupants were traveling to Disney World. The van was flipped over, and an uncertain number of occupants were ejected. Police are unsure if they or anyone else wore a seatbelt.

In the end, the truck collided with another semi, driven by a 49-year-old man from New Mexico, and a fire erupted. The two truckers died as well as five children aged 9 to 14. Police have not been able to determine why the 59-year-old made the move that they believe started the chain reaction. However, they found that alcohol was not to blame. An investigation will take three to four months to complete.

Trucking accidents all too often end in fatalities, and those who survive are often left with catastrophic injuries requiring long-term medical care. If a trucker was negligent, however, a victim may have good grounds for a personal injury claim. Such a claim could cover their past and future medical expenses, vehicle damage, lost wages, lost earning capacity and more. This is where legal counsel comes in. Personal injury lawyers normally have networks of investigators and other third parties who can prove that the trucker was negligent.