Drivers in Wyoming might be surprised when they learn just how many fatal accidents there are involving large trucks. It’s estimated that in 2017, more than 4,100 people died in these types of accidents. This represents a 28 percent increase over the number of similar accidents that took place in 2009.

When the numbers are broken down, around 68 percent of these fatalities involved occupants of cars or other types of passenger vehicles. Fourteen percent of these accidents involved pedestrians or individuals on bicycles or motorcycles. These are numbers that should catch the attention of anyone who is concerned about the safety of the highways.

At times, people may become accustomed to hearing about automobile fatalities, so these numbers do not have a huge impact. However, when the same accidents are looked at from a different perspective, the numbers take on a greater significance. For example, in order for there to be the same number of fatalities every year in aviation, a 737 airliner would need to crash two times each month and lose every life on board. One could only imagine the impact having two 737s crash every month would have on the aviation industry. It is likely that there would be vocal opposition to air travel, and the regulatory institutions would need to respond.

Many people are hope that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be moved to take more aggressive action in implementing technology with the goal of minimizing accidents involving large trucks. Some argue that if it is possible to create automobiles that operate on their own without a driver, it should be possible to minimize the number of fatalities involving large trucks that do have a driver.

If a person is a victim in an accident involving a large truck, they may want to speak to an attorney about how to get compensation. Personal injury attorneys may be able to help their clients by reviewing information gathered by law enforcement during their investigation. They may also be able to look at eyewitness testimony, information gathered by surveillance apparatuses and conclusions reached by accident reconstructionists.