While many people in Wyoming express serious concerns about the hazards of distracted driving, survey results show that many of the same people continue to engage in these dangerous behaviors themselves. One study carried out by auto insurer Root Insurance noted that nearly half of all drivers said that distraction behind the wheel was a major safety concern for motorists. This mirrors the nationwide focus on distraction, which is often caused by mobile devices behind the wheel.

Many states have passed laws against texting while driving or other distracted behaviors. There are also many public awareness ads aiming to draw attention to the issue. Despite the fact that drivers realize distracted driving is dangerous, they continue to talk, text, surf and email behind the wheel. According to the survey results, drivers admitted to spending around 13 minutes each day on the phone while driving. Around 38% of the respondents say that they stay on their phones even when they see police cars passing by. Drivers are not engaged in simple voice conversations that could be conducted hands-free.

Instead, 52% of the survey participants said that the biggest distraction for them was group chat or email. Another one-third said that they were drawn in to read or post or social media while driving. And 18% of motorists said that they were tempted to watch streaming videos, including TV shows and movie trailers.

Distracted driving is a real danger that leads to severe car accidents, catastrophic injuries and fatalities across the country. Someone who is injured in a traffic accident caused by a distracted driver could work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their damages.