While many Wyoming residents rely on personal vehicles to get from one place to another, many are aware that cars are inherently dangerous. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that in 2017 alone, there were 34,247 fatal accidents. These accidents claimed a reported 37,133 lives.

Although many safety features have been and are still being released to make cars safer, there are still some vehicles that are safer than others. For those who are looking to buy a used vehicle for new or younger drivers, keeping safety in mind is important. Not surprisingly, cars that are smaller in size or are sport coupes tend to be more deadly. This is simply due to the laws of physics; heavier cars are inherently better at being able to protect the occupants than smaller, lighter cars. Additionally, drivers tend to operate these vehicles at faster speeds due to their agility.

According to the IIHS, the Mitsubishi Mirage, a subcompact car, is considered to be the deadliest car with a fatal accident rate of 10.2 cars per billion vehicle miles. The Chevrolet Corvette follows at a close second at 9.8 cars per billion vehicle miles. Rounding out the top three deadliest cars is the Honda Fit at 7.7 cars per billion vehicle miles.

In many cases, those who become serious injured in a car accident did not cause the crash. Even so, they could suddenly be facing expensive hospital costs on top of not being able to work for a significant period of time. In these cases, those who were injured may be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries and other damages, which may include lost income, cost of care and property damage. A personal injury attorney may assist by reviewing evidence and working with the responsible driver’s insurance company.