An accident cannot only leave you with serious and painful injuries. You could find yourself with medical bills and other types of financial losses that can quickly overwhelm you. The aftermath of your accident can be overwhelming, and you may not be sure how you can move forward from this point. If your accident was the result of another Wyoming driver, you could have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim.

Car accident victims have the right to pursue damages that will cover their expenses and help them adjust to new financial circumstances. Every car accident case is different, which means that the specific types of damages available to you depend on the details of your individual case. You will find it beneficial to find out how much your case could be worth before you move forward with a settlement agreement or civil claim. 

Fight for what you deserve

Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. You may receive settlement offers that do not reflect the true value of your case. This is why it is helpful to know what types of damages you should fight for and what you truly need for a reasonable recovery. Some of these include: 

  • Pain and suffering — These are damages for any mental and emotional duress you experienced as a result of your car accident, including ongoing mental trauma.
  • Medical bills — This includes bills from a hospital stay, ambulance ride, ongoing physical needs, rehabilitation, medication and more.
  • Lost wages — You may be able to seek damages that will cover the wages you missed from work while you were in the hospital or at home recovering from your injuries.

These are only a few examples of the various types of damages a person may be able to fight for through a personal injury claim after an accident. Your situation is unique, and what you need to get better is specific to your injuries and recovery time.

Where should you start?

Fighting for appropriate compensation after a car accident is not easy. You may be dealing with painful injuries and other complications, and you may be feeling pressure to settle for less than you think your case is worth. You do not have to walk through all this alone.

It can be greatly beneficial to you to start with a complete evaluation of your case and assessment of the types of damages that you can fight for in a civil claim. It is smart to take this step as soon as possible after an accident.