Many Wyoming residents have been involved in car accidents. While most crashes can be considered minor with little damage and few injuries, some major accidents can even be fatal. With car crashes, human error is the most common cause, which means that many of these incidents are also preventable if drivers are vigilant and follow traffic rules.

Human error as a cause in a car accident can be divided into a variety of subcategories. However, all can result in crashes and injuries. Of these, distracted driving is by far the most common type of error. When drivers look away for even a few seconds, the possibility of an accident greatly increases. Distracted driving is seen often on the road as people do other things such as using smartphones, applying makeup, eating or drinking as they drive.

Drunk driving is another behavior that can lead to accidents. When people are driving under the influence of alcohol, their reflexes, response time and decision-making skills are all impacted. Speeding is another behavior that causes crashes. Reckless driving is also a cause of accidents on the road. Reckless driving includes ignoring traffic signs and rules, such as running red lights, making sudden turns and not signaling.

There are also other potential causes for car crashes. The weather, for example, can be a very challenging obstacle to drivers, particularly those who are inexperienced or perhaps not prepared for the weather conditions. Fog, heavy rain, high winds and slippery roads can all play a role in car accidents.

In case an accident does occur, victims of crashes may seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer may help them fill out a personal injury claim as well as gather evidence to support the claim. If the case goes to court, a lawyer may provide representation during court appearances.