Commercials, television shows and movies often show drivers going too fast for road conditions or otherwise driving dangerously. Of course, most viewers in Wyoming and throughout the nation understand that these are controlled stunts performed by trained professionals. Despite this, there is still a tendency among commercial drivers and others to engage in risky behaviors while operating their vehicles. According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), speeding is one of the most common reasons why large trucks are involved in accidents.

Excessive speed was a factor in 23% of the 963 cases analyzed as part of the study. For the purposes of the study, excessive speed was defined as going to fast for road conditions as well as driving faster than posted speed limits. Drivers who didn’t know where they were going were involved in 22% of crashes reviewed as part of the LTCCS.

While drivers aren’t expected to travel on every single road in America, they are encouraged to plan their routes ahead of time. This may reduce the chances of making a mistake that could increase a person’s risk of being involved in a crash. Finally, driving a truck that has faulty brakes or is otherwise poorly maintained can increase the risk of that truck being involved in an accident.

Drivers who are acting in a negligent manner when a truck accident occurs may be liable for any damages a victim incurs. A victim may be another driver, a passenger in another vehicle or a pedestrian who was struck by a truck. Their damages might include medical bills, lost earnings or the cost to replace property damaged in an accident. Accident victims may wish to hire an attorney to help negotiate a favorable settlement or take their personal injury cases to court.