Winters in Wyoming can be brutal with temperatures dropping into the teens and below. The state gets a lot of snowfall as well with some mountainous areas getting more than 200 inches each year. Unfortunately, some motorists fail to pay heed to these conditions, and the results can be catastrophic to their passengers as well as to occupants of other vehicles.

Misconceptions about winter driving

A leading car insurance company has published a list of common winter driving misconceptions and how to avoid them. One mistaken belief that many motorists have is that it is safe to proceed if their windshields and other windows are clear. Unfortunately, they often fail to take into account the fact that snow on the car’s roof can fly off when the car is in motion, landing on the windshield and obstructing the driver’s vision.

Another misconception that many owners of all-wheel drive vehicles have is that the added traction makes them safe. However, while it might make acceleration easier if the road is icy or otherwise slippery, it often does not help when the vehicle needs to stop. This places occupants of the car in front of them in jeopardy of being injured in a rear-end collision. Regular tire maintenance is also essential in these conditions as worn treads increase the risk of skidding off of the pavement.

Holding unsafe drivers responsible

Negligence behind the wheel of a vehicle is not just limited to drunk or distracted driving. The failure to take the prevailing road and weather conditions into account can be just as dangerous. If you have been injured in a car accident that was the result of such behavior, you might want the assistance of an experienced attorney when seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses.