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Defending Against Federal And State Criminal Charges

Leveraging our strong and relevant experience in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, Bowers Law Firm strives to be an excellent legal resource for people facing state or federal criminal charges. Bowers Law Firm is a well-respected regional law firm whose founder, John D. Bowers, is a former elected prosecutor. We offer our clients in-depth knowledge of criminal laws and the proven ability to analyze your case from multiple viewpoints. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need capable representation in a misdemeanor or felony criminal case.

Our attorneys have defended clients against misdemeanors and felonies. We know the procedural rules and have appeared in a wide range of criminal cases in the state and federal cases in courts of Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. Our experience extends to:

  • Murder defense, including winning a not guilty verdict in a complex, challenging attempted murder case
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement
  • Drug crimes such as possession and possession with intent to sell

Learn more about our work defending clients against state crimes and federal crimes by reviewing some of our past verdicts and resolutions.

Our law firm’s founder, John D. Bowers, obtained many felony convictions while serving as an elected prosecutor. This experience — including high-profile cases such as a conviction obtained 15 years after a murder — is a strong asset for people who need able representation in their defense against serious criminal charges.

Focused On Your Case And Your Rights

Any criminal conviction can have profound consequences on your life. This is true of misdemeanors as well as felonies. A criminal conviction can limit your employment opportunities, your choice of where to live, your right to vote and own a gun, and other privileges of citizenship. These penalties are in addition to the fines and possible prison time you face if convicted.

No arrest should be taken lightly. Because we see lives and livelihoods threatened, we are very aggressive in working to prove our clients’ innocence or minimize the serious, permanent consequences.

Solid criminal defense often requires deep familiarity with statutes and court procedures, as well as disciplined and thorough investigation of the alleged crime. Our legal team is committed to understanding your situation fully and keeping you informed at all phases of your case. We put our hard-earned negotiation and courtroom litigation skills to work on your behalf.

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