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Building A Strong Defense To Felony Charges

Felony charges have the potential for very serious penalties if you are convicted of the offense. Penalties can include not only substantial prison time, but also additional consequences that can have a significant impact upon many different parts of your life. You could find yourself forever being held back if there is a felony conviction on your record.

Do not make any decisions or talk to police until you have met with a lawyer about your case. At the Bowers Law Firm, we can help you when you have everything at risk. Our experienced attorney will work together with you to prepare a defense strategy that helps limit your potential exposure when you have been charged with a felony.

Helping You Preserve Your Future

Whether you are just starting out in life or are an established professional, a felony conviction will change everything for you. You will have trouble finding a job and keeping a professional license or certification, and the conviction can potentially impact the time that you may be able to spend with your children.

Various felonies that we offer defense services for include:

  • Murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes
  • Drug crimes, including manufacturing or trafficking
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, identity theft or fraud

In some circumstances, police may reach out to you about potential charges. They may ask you to come down to the station to give them a statement about the crimes that they are investigating. Before you say anything, talk to an experienced attorney about your options. You do not want to give prosecutors the evidence they need to connect you to the crime.

Free Consultations Available

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