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The Advantages Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

For people charged with a crime, there is no worse idea than trying to navigate through the criminal justice system without hiring an experienced defense attorney. We see many clients who have jeopardized their futures simply because they didn’t understand the decisions that they made at various points throughout their case.

We at the Bowers Law Firm wanted to provide you with some insight regarding the benefits to hiring an experienced attorney to help with your case. Each case has very distinct facts, so for more information about the specific options available to you, schedule your free consultation today.

You Can’t Talk Your Way Out Of Trouble

You might think you have a totally logical explanation for what happened in your case. If you could just talk to the officers, you could clear all of this up. Many people think this way, not realizing that all they are doing is making their situation worse. By speaking to police, you are giving them ample evidence that the prosecution can eventually use against you to try to obtain a conviction.

By hiring an experienced defense attorney, you will have someone who can advise you of your rights and protect these rights as your case moves forward. You will be able to understand what options are truly available to you and develop the defense strategy that aligns with your goals for your case.

You May Be Able To Have Charges Lessened Or Dismissed

Prosecutors may not have the evidence that they need to establish the charges against you. In these situations, they may come to you to try to arrange a deal that helps you avoid more serious penalties. In some cases, this may even present you with an opportunity to have your case dismissed provided you meet certain terms.

Without having an attorney on your side, you can miss out on some of these potential opportunities that are available to you. Prosecutors may not make as favorable of an offer to you because they know that you lack the skills necessary to take your case to trial. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer lets them know that you are ready and able to fight back against the charges you are facing.

Many Cases Can Be Handled For A Flat Fee

At the Bowers Law Firm, we take on many criminal defense matters on a flat-fee basis. That means you know right away exactly what it will cost for us to take on your case. There are no surprises, and we will be there by your side from beginning to end. Flat fees may not be available for your case, but you will know right away what options are available to you if you select us to represent you.

Free Consultations Available

If you have been charged with a state or federal crime in Wyoming, Utah or Idaho, we invite you to reach out to us today for a free consultation. You may call our office at 833-733-5646 or send us an email using the form provided.