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When Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay

We buy insurance coverage to protect ourselves, our families and our property from harm. We select a combination of insurance coverage from car insurance companies, medical insurance companies, private disability insurance companies and homeowners insurance companies. And we trust that our insurance coverage will protect us from financial crisis in the event of an accident or tragedy.

Sadly, in some cases, insurance companies fail in their responsibility to their policy holders. When insurance companies pay more attention to their own profit margins than to their clients, insurance disputes can arise.

A Mountain States Law Firm With The Resources To Fight The Insurance Companies

Bowers Law Firm represents clients who get tangled up in disputes with their insurance companies. We are a well-established regional law firm with offices in western Wyoming, eastern Idaho and northern Utah. Our legal team has extensive experience helping clients get the compensation they deserve from their insurance companies.

If your insurance claim is denied and you suspect insurance bad faith, consult an attorney who understands how insurance companies work and how to prove insurance bad faith and succeed in getting you the claim payments you deserve. For more information contact Bowers Law Firm to make a confidential appointment with one of our lawyers.

Your Insurance Company’s Obligations

Insurance companies have specific obligations under the law and under the contract you sign when you purchase insurance. This is true of car insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, health insurance, private disability insurance, and homeowners’ insurance companies. If these companies won’t pay out, and if there is not good reason, the company may be guilty of insurance bad faith.

Every insurance company has two primary obligations to policyholders. Failure to perform these duties may constitute insurance bad faith:

  • The company has a duty to investigate your claim. Insurance bad faith may occur if an insurance company takes actions to delay an investigation or otherwise prevent other professionals from thoroughly investigating the reasons for an insurance claim.
  • The insurance company also has a duty to pay out on legitimate claims in good faith and in a reasonable time frame. Too often, the company seeks reasons to deny an insurance claim rather than help the policyholder prove the claim.

Don’t Let The Insurance Companies Withhold Full Payment

Legal help from lawyers who understand bad faith insurance claims can help you get the insurance payout you deserve. To discuss your concerns with an experienced attorney, call Bowers Law Firm toll-free at 833-733-5646 or use our online contact form.