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Experienced Lawyers For Oil And Gas Field Injury Victims

The oil and gas industry is a huge component in the economies of the Western U.S., including Wyoming and Utah. Jobs in the fields are sometimes described as the “Best in the West” for a large segment of our population. That description primarily refers to available pay and strong demand for workers. There is no denying that this is also an extremely dangerous industry, with workers exposed to a wide range of significant risks.

At the Bowers Law Firm based in Afton, Wyoming, we understand the many risks faced by workers in oil and natural gas drilling fields. Our attorneys are well-equipped to provide legal counsel to you on a potential oil and gas injury or wrongful death case. Please contact us as soon as possible following any accident for caring, dedicated legal counsel, beginning with a free consultation.

The Specialized Knowledge To Handle Your Injury Case

The hazards on drilling sites range from massive, sometimes poorly maintained equipment to the constant potential for explosions. A fast-paced work environment and the presence of numerous contractors often add significantly to risks of injury and even fatalities.

Our founder, John Bowers spent many years as a young man working in the gas and oil fields. His experience as a “Roughneck” and “Driller” provide him with critical insight into gas and oil field accidents. For example, our firm represented a client who suffered serious leg and back injuries when a pipe was dropped on him at the drilling site. In this case, we reached a confidential settlement for over $1 million.

We also make it our business to stay current on state and federal regulations covering workplace safety in the oil and gas industry. This knowledge can be essential to proving liability and maximizing the compensation you receive.

Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Your Only Source Of Recovery

In any personal injury or wrongful death case, we are resourceful and diligent in investigating the accident site. Our objective is to identify all possible means of recovery for you, the injured worker. On an oil and gas field work site, there may be “third parties” who are legally liable for negligence in causing your injuries — such as contractors and consultants other than your employer.

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When you contact us about an oil and gas field injury, we will move quickly to put an investigator on site. We will interview witnesses and take action to preserve evidence. Our legal team is aware of the urgency in such cases because these fields go through frequent transitions that can erase key evidence in your case.