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Injury Accidents During Recreational Activities

The Rocky Mountains and the surrounding national parks in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah attract both residents and visitors to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for recreational activities available in few other parts of the country.

People come here for extreme downhill skiing and snowboarding, horseback tours of the backcountry, whitewater rafting the Snake River or Colorado River, snowmobile and ATV tours, and so many other recreational activities.

It is not surprising that people get hurt in recreational accidents. The important question is: When is the recreational accident the victim’s own responsibility, and when might another person or company share the blame?

If you or a family member has been injured in a recreational accident, it is worth your time to ask an experienced personal injury lawyer to review the circumstances of the recreational accident to determine whether a legal claim exists.

Bowers Law Firm: Offices In Wyoming, Utah And Idaho

Bowers Law Firm is a well-respected regional law firm with a major focus on personal injury cases. We have offices in three states and our legal team can travel when necessary. For visitors who have returned to their homes, it is important to know that any legal action will probably need to be filed where the accident occurred, so a local attorney’s representation is important. Attorney-client interviews, witness interviews and even some court hearings can be held via telephone conference.

When Do Legal Claims Arise From Recreational Accidents?

If a recreational accident occurs due to the negligence or recklessness of another person or company, then that person or company may be legally responsible to help compensate the injury victim for unpaid medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Examples of actionable recreational accidents include:

  • ATV accidents caused by equipment that breaks down due to careless maintenance or failure to repair known problems
  • Boat accidents caused by improperly trained employees or boating while intoxicated
  • River rafting injuries or horseback riding accidents caused by improperly trained guides or by guides who falsely advertise their experience with the river or terrain
  • Skiing injuries caused by faulty equipment or by a resort or recreation adventure company that downplays the danger of the particular ski area or skiing activity

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