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Skilled At Handling Semi-Truck Accident Cases In Wyoming, Idaho And Utah

A roadway accident involving a semi, tractor-trailer or other commercial truck can be unique in many ways. Based near a major U.S. highway corridor, with significant truck traffic and many accidents occurring on or near Interstate 80 and I-15, our law firm is well prepared to handle your Wyoming, Idaho or Utah truck accident injury case.

Please contact us at the Bowers Law Firm as soon as possible to enable a prompt, complete truck accident investigation — before key evidence is lost or destroyed. Your initial consultation will be free, and you will owe no attorney’s fees if we are not able to obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Knowledgeable Representation In Insurance Negotiations

Depending on “automatically” receiving a fair insurance settlement after a truck accident is risky. Many insurance companies employ people who will fly into the area quickly in order to gather evidence and either avoid liability or settle your claim for the lowest possible amount.

After any serious or fatal accident, an insurance representative may offer you a quick “lowball” settlement for much less than your case is worth. In one case, a trucking company’s insurance company offered $70,000 initially to an “unrepresented” person — but after they retained our firm, we were able to ultimately negotiate a settlement worth more than $800,000.

Our Lawyers Understand The Trucking Laws In Place To Protect You

It is critical that your personal injury and wrongful death attorneys know the complex federal and state regulations that apply to commercial truck drivers. Because your injuries may be devastating and the stakes are very high, we investigate all possibilities that violations may have occurred, such as when:

  • A truck driver has exceeded legal service/driving hours, failed to log hours as required or falsified records.
  • A truck accident is caused by a driver under the influence of medications or controlled substances.
  • A trucking company has failed to adhere to laws that require driver background checks or overlooked a checkered driving record.

For anyone involved in an accident involving a semi or commercial truck, knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation can be absolutely critical. Attorney John D. Bowers will take every available step to position you for maximum insurance coverage and the greatest possible recovery of damages in your case. Please contact us today to protect your rights.