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What To Know About Insurance Companies

At Bowers Law Firm, we feel it is important for us to tell you a little about how insurance companies work in motor vehicle accident cases. We feel that this is valuable information that you can use to help you preserve the full value of your claims. If insurance companies are making your life difficult after your accident, reach out to us as soon as possible. We can stand up for you to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Process Can Be Extremely Frustrating

Immediately after the accident, the insurance companies may call you about your accident. They are going to be extremely nice and friendly, trying to win your trust. They make an offer and tell you that settling your case now is in your best interests.

In some situations, they may take the exact opposite approach. They may not respond to your inquiries or make an offer that comes even close to what you believe you should be owed. They try to stretch the process out, hoping that you will become frustrated and accept whatever small amounts of compensation they finally decide to give you.

Insurance companies know what to do to make your situation worse. They know that your accident has a profound effect on your life. When you have an attorney on your side, this prevents the insurers from contacting you directly about your case. It can make all of this much easier to understand as things move forward.

Watch What You Say When Talking To Them

Even a simple question about your case is designed to get information that can be used against you. The insurance companies will ask about injuries, treatment you have received, as well as any other issues that may or may not be relevant to your accident. They will record every call that they have with you and scour social media for evidence that demonstrates you are not as injured as you claim. Be very careful about making any statements about your accident.

Your Own Insurer Is Not Looking Out For You

If there is anyone you should trust about your accident case, it would seem that it would be your own insurance company. However, you and your insurer have competing interests. If your insurance company will have to provide you with compensation as a result of the accident, they too are concerned with settling your case for as little as possible.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to take your case, you will have someone who can fight back for you against these companies. You will not be forced to accept an offer that does not meet your specific goals for your case.

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