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Medical Errors Dangerously Common

So-called “never events,” the most serious types of medical errors, occurred at least once every six days in Utah hospitals during 2007, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Among the 57 serious medical errors, also referred to as sentinel events, reported by Utah hospitals, 27 resulted in fatalities. The Institute of Medicine estimates that 98,000 deaths a year are caused by medical errors. Heather May, The Salt Lake Tribune 08/19/2008

Diabetes Drug Linked to Deaths, Other Problems

A widely used diabetes drug has been linked to severe pancreatic problems in dozens of patients, according the Food and Drug Administration. In an announcement Monday, the FDA warned patients taking Byetta, marketed by Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Eli Lilly & Co., to discontinue use if they develop symptoms of the disorder and said doctors should consider other prescription options for patients with a history of pancreas problems. More than 700,000 patients have used the drug since it was released in 2005. Matthew Perrone, Yahoo News 08/18/2008.